Some Projects (2018)

My quantified self as a (late-capitalist) Dungeons & Dragons character. is the public endpoint for analysis of the 200ish datapoints that I collect about myself daily. Information about my current fitness level, productivity, and social activity is compared to a hypothetical ‘ideal human character’ and used to estimate the Ability Scores I would have if I were a character in 5th Edition D&D. Turns out I’m pretty average. Updates every 20 minutes. [Read more.] (2018)

Every time I highlight a block of text in an ebook, or in an article, or on a website, it ends up here. Integrated with my Zotero library. Published with Furnished with titles, links, and citations automatically. Adorably buggy.

Quantum Coach (2018)

A Julia script for generating a universe-specific marathon training plan. Takes your current total weekly distance and workout frequency as input and uses this information to generate a daily training program that will gradually increase your total weekly distance until you find yourself running 42.2 kilometers in a single day. The twist? Thanks to data generated by a Quantis brand quantum device, the distance and kind of each workout varies in response to photons shot at a partially-silvered mirror. Sure, you’ll run in every universe, but thanks to a Swiss-made Quantum Random Number Generator, you’ll run slightly differently in each. Provided you agree with the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, I suppose. It’s not clear why anyone (save me) would want this, but I wanted this and now it exists and I love it. [Read more.]